Seeking For Professional Car Wash in Palm Beach? We Got You Covered!


Mr. Glow will genuinely get your car so clean that it glows! Our brand new Spinlite wash tunnel is exclusive to Palm Beach County and unrivaled in the industry. Additionally, we offer a free state of the art vacuums for our customers to ensure your car is clean inside and out. Our friendly staff and fun atmosphere aim to create an efficient, entertaining adventure.

“We definitely enjoyed our experience. Spotless car for a great price. The options aren’t confusing. ”

“Mr. Glow is always super clean and well taken care of. The staffs are professional and very helpful! The management here is top notch, and it shows!”

“Mr. Glow is a pretty good place to get your car wash. Offering free vacuums and car wash subscription.”

“I have never seen a crew work so vigorously like what I witnessed in this place.”

“Mr. Glow is a professional and well-organized car wash. Very power vacuums and the people there are very friendly and helpful to all the services they provide.”

We are an express car wash that utilizes state of the art SpinLite equipment dedicated to bringing you the best car wash experience imaginable. For the best car wash in Palm Beach, Florida, contact us (561) 434-1772 for more inquiries, and you may also visit our website to see our best deals!


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